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What we Do

Founded in 2014 Parks And Wildlife Zululand (PAWZ) was founded around a firepit conversation highlighting the need for a non-commercial online platform where the general public could post pictures, articles, and environmental news about their experiences, game viewing, and adventures at the various nature reserves and wildlife parks in KZN’s Zululand region.

The success of the group must be attributed to the dedicated Admin members who have given of their time daily since PAWZ inception to ensuring that posts remain on topic and fun weekly themes are posted to encourage member participation.

At the height of COVID-19 during 2020, a question posed to PAWZ from a member spearheaded the now Non-Profit Company – PAWZ.AFRICA

A member who had seen a social media post highlighting the urgent need for dog food to keep a K-9 anti-poaching dog unit in one of Zululand’s reserves fed, asked us the question – Can’t PAWZ with its 12k+ dedicated members do something to assist?

Our focus now has become working alongside larger, more established Non-Profits in any capacity that our small group of volunteers is able to assist. At the same time promoting and generating funding for some of our own spear-headed conservation causes.

Who We Are

PAWZ members are all Volunteers excited by getting our hands dirty in the pursuit of conserving the great outdoors in its most natural form and protecting the wildlife that inhabits it. Our vision is to preserve Wild Africa in its most pure form for the appreciation and enjoyment of future generations.

As it stands all of our PAWZ members from as high up as Founding Directors donate their time, expertise, ideas, abilities, and resources to all of our initiatives at their own expense.

Where We Work

Based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, the majority of our work takes place in this region. Our focus as the name suggests is towards Parks and Wildlife Zululand however upon invitation by other organisations and reserves we will assist on projects nationally.

Look out for us next time you are in the area and come say hi!

How To Get Involved

Help us make a difference today